Making of “Fold the World”

It took us almost 2 years of hard work to make Fold the World. All levels and worlds first were made of paper.

The most difficult in the development process was the creation of levels. The development of level editor for such game was extremely challenging, in that case each puzzle was done manually. First, game designer cut it out of the paper, then artists modeled and tuned level, and only after that level was built by programmers in the game. 3 days of work of entire team to make 1 level.

Also we many times remade the collecting puzzles and story pieces. First we were trying to let player fold the story himself (thats why you see pictures of story on the background of all levels), but it was very hard for players to understand, so we changed it.

See the video, how it was made!

Fold the World finally released on iOS!

Fold the world of Paper Kingdom to discover the incredible tale of the triangle curse.

Guide Yolo through beautifully crafted puzzles, uncover hidden paths and outsmart the evil Lord of Darkness. Fold the World is a stunning exploration of Paper Kingdom, a puzzling storybook world, where exciting plot twists await you behind every fold.

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God of Light iOS version released!

Join cute game mascot Shiny on his way to saving the universe from the impending darkness. Play through a variety of game worlds and dozens of levels with mind-blowing puzzles. Your goal is to explore game levles, seek for game objects that reflect, split, combine, paint, bend, teleport rays of light energy to activate Sources of Life and bring light back to the universe. Play the game…

God of Light Announcement Trailer

We are happy to announce God of Light. The game features unique gameplay based on physics of light. In this innovative game, players help cute game mascot Shiny to solve puzzles by exploring the interactive game world on his way to saving the universe from the impending darkness.

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God of Light will be released on smartphones worldwide this quarter.

Watch trailer on YouTube